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BCRT to Co-Host Charles River Railroad Bike Tour

MassBike and the Bay Colony Rail Trail are hosting a tour on May 28th along the route of the old Charles River Railroad.  A portion of this route is the very corridor where the Bay Colony Rail Trail will be developed.

The Charles River Railroad was how they brought in all the gravel to fill the Back Bay.

Video interview about future plans of the Mass Central Rail Trail


Link to video interview

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (Mass Appeal) - It will provide recreational activities, and the ability to see some of the notive wildlife this area has to offer. The Mass Central Rail Trail will reach to Boston and New Haven when it's complete.

On Track with the Bay Colony Rail Trail (Winter 2011 Newsletter)

A cross-country skiier enjoys a porton of the 50-mile Air Line Rail Trail in eastern Connecticut, not far from the Connecticut River and the Massachusetts border.

Townsend and Groton Rail-trail committees create two-town plan

Rail-trail committees create two-town plan

TOWNSEND -- After five years of hard work, members of the rail-trail funding study committees from Townsend and Groton have come up with a plan to build a nearly 4-mile recreational trail for a minimal cost to the towns.

The proposed trail runs between Townsend center and the Bertozzi Conservation Area in Groton.

501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status for the BCRT

We have reached an important milestone - the IRS approved our application for becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We received the letter in the mail just in time for the outgoing tax year.

AAA Looking to Restrict Funding for Walking, Biking, and Trails? Sign the Petition!

According to Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), the American Automobile Association (AAA) recently advocated for the elimination of critical, established programs that fund trails, walking and bicycling from the trust fund that finances transportation. Although AAA says it supports all types of transportation, that doesn't seem to be consistent with the stated position, which would divert money away from walking and bicycling and toward the highway system.

More background on the AAA position, and Rails to Trails' rebuttals, are available on the RTC site here.

Soon enough, the Bay Colony Rail Trail will begin the process of exploring many sources of funding to develop a magnificent recreational path from Needham to Medfield. Total funding will be significant - we're estimating in the vicinity of $4 million - so we're eager that all trail-related funds remain open and viable for the foreseeable future!

Please click here to go to the Rails Trails site and sign their petition to AAA, and thanks for your support!

"Eye On The Bay Colony Rail Trail"

Betsy and Christian chat with Ed Doherty about the Bay Colony Rail Trail on Eye on Medfield, Ed's weekly show on Medfield TV. The program was co-produced by our own Chris McCue and shows footage from other local rail trails at the end.

State lags in distributing federal funds for paths

By Katheleen Conti, Globe Staff  |  August 1, 2010

Link to article

Massachusetts ranks last in the nation in allocating federal funds for alternative transportation projects, according to a recent study that tracks how states have spent billions of federal dollars for projects such as bike and pedestrian paths.

The study, rele

Iron Horse Preservation Society is quickly creating low cost rail trails

On the fast track

A nonprofit works with several communities to quickly and cheaply transform old rail beds into recreational paths, while similar projects elsewhere are taking years to complete

 Rex Koepnick (right) of the Iron Horse Preservation Society and Ryan Devaney help remove railroad ties to create a rail trail off Prince Street in Danvers.Rex Koepnick (right) of the Iron Horse Preservation Society and Ryan Devaney

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park trail in NYC On a hot June weekend I had a few hours to spend with my kids in New York City. When our boat returned from the Liberty Tour to the Circle Line pier, we decided to rent bikes and ride the Hudson Park trail. The kids had noticed the very busy bike trail earlier in the day when we visted the river front a few blocks further South in Chelsey, and they really wanted to try it out. So I rented two bikes at the place right in front of the Circle Line, one for myself and one for my son, and a trailer attachment for my daughter. She can ride a two-wheeler, but the trail is so busy that I did not want her to be on her own.

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